Join Us For A Jam-Packed 1 ½ Day Workshop For MSPs, MSSPs And IT Services Firms:

How To Package, Price, Sell And Successfully Deliver High-Profit Cyber Security Solutions

Don't Be Left Behind! You'll Leave This Event With NEW Strategies, NEW Tools And NEW Information You Need To Know To Protect Your Clients From Cybercrime, In Addition To Powerful, Highly Effective Marketing And Sales Strategies To Help You Attract More And Better Quality Clients And Cyber Security Solutions

August 15-16
August 29-30
San Diego
September 13-14
San Diego
September 20-21
Las Vegas
October 3-4

FREE Cyber Security Marketing Tools, Templates And Campaigns!

All Attendees Will Receive Multiple Cyber Security Marketing Campaigns, Templates, Prospecting Tools, White Papers, Promotions And Sales Strategies To Attract More Clients And Fuel Sales For Cyber Security And Managed IT Services Solutions ($3,000 Value!)

Here Are The 5 Biggest Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss This Event!

  1. Ready-To-Use Cyber Security Marketing Campaigns To Fuel More Sales
    The demand for cyber security solutions is at an all-time high – but if YOU aren’t actively marketing and promoting your services, you can guarantee those opportunities get snatched up by your competition. And if you’re not talking to your existing clients frequently about cyber security, you can bet that one of your competitors will. As an attendee you’ll receive multiple campaigns, examples, tools and templates to be more effective at marketing and selling IT services in general, and, of course, cyber security solutions. This toolkit alone will be well worth your time and the meager financial investment into attending this event. Why are we giving this away so cheap? Because our sponsors have picked up the tab to cover the costs of this entire event, giving us the ability to give it away for free to you.
  2. You’ll Learn About The Latest Cyber Security Tools, Vendors, Solutions And Strategies
    When it comes to cyber security, you DON’T want to be left behind. During this workshop we’ll be bringing together some of the leading experts in the IT services channel to talk to you about new trends, new solutions, new services and new products you should be bringing to your clients – MANY that are brand-new and starting to gain traction in the IT services channel fast.
  3. You’ll Learn How Other MSPs Are Packaging, Pricing And Delivering EFFECTIVE And Profitable Cyber Security Solutions – Even To MSP Clients
    This workshop will give you the opportunity see how other MSPs are packaging, pricing and delivering cyber security solutions. You’ll be given answers to questions such as how to talk to your managed services clients about UPGRADING their services to a more robust solution and navigate the expectation that “you’re already supposed to be doing this for me!”, how to deal with stubborn clients who refuse to take your advice and buy the solutions you know they need (but will STILL HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE when they get compromised), what security tools and software are appropriate for various environments, clients and needs (HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, etc.), how to find good techs with specialization in security as well as NEW vendors who can help you deliver high-end security services WITHOUT adding to your headcount or recruiting expensive techs with hard-to-find experience and credentials.
  4. You’ll Discover Brand-New Marketing Automation Tools For MSPs That Make Marketing Infinitely Easier And More Effective
    It’s ironic: MSPs – who should know the power, profit and efficiency delivered when technology is used to automate workflow stubbornly (or foolishly?) – insist on MANUAL processes or horribly inefficient tools to try and do marketing. So if you’re still trying to use your PSA tool for marketing, or are attempting to manage your sales and lead generation efforts using two or three different marketing applications, you need to see this new information. It’s near impossible to do truly effective marketing and sales funnel management without the right tools. Without them, you ARE MISSING OPPORTUNITIES, dropping balls, not following up effectively and making far more work for yourself than necessary. We’ll show you the latest tools, software and autopilot marketing systems our most successful MSP members are using to automate their marketing.
  5. You’ll Get To Talk To, Network With And Have Meaningful Conversations With Successful Peers To Get Answers To Your Most Pressing Business Challenges
    You know there is nothing quite as powerful as getting together with highly successful peers WHO ARE ALREADY ACHIEVING THE RESULTS YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE so that you can learn exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it. At this workshop, my best and brightest “students” will be in attendance, discussing what new opportunities are trending up in the IT services industry, what services and markets are HOT right now and what NEW vendors hold the key to additional sales and profits. You won’t learn this information by sitting at home by yourself staring at the same four walls. If nothing else, this is a dirt-cheap way to recharge your batteries and brush up on your marketing skills. Of course, you can count on me to deliver EXTREME VALUE and get you fired up, refocused and excited to make some REAL money!