Speakers And Agenda

Day 1:
Registration And Breakfast: 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Main Session: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Cocktail Reception And Networking: 5:00 p.m. To 6:30 p.m.
Day 2:
Breakfast And Networking: 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Main Session: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

How To Implement An Auto Pilot Marketing Machine For Selling Profitable Cyber Security Solutions

Robin Robins, Technology Marketing Toolkit

The majority of the content for the first day will be an ADVANCED deep dive with me, Robin Robins, on how to effectively sell "prevention," which is what managed services, backup and cyber security solutions are. As you already know, selling prevention is far more difficult than it reasonably should be. Business owners procrastinate, are illogically cheap, indecisive and outright NEGLIGENT when it comes to spending money on managed services, backup and (now) cyber security solutions they absolutely need. To make matters worse, they are incapable of discerning what a "good" solution is, and will foolishly default to buying on price GIVEN NO OTHER LOGICAL REASON to buy a more "expensive" package or solution. Robin will give you:

  • A blueprint for selling "prevention" services (backup, cyber security, and managed services) that will compel prospects to eagerly buy what you're selling. You'll learn what that prospect needs to see in ADVANCE of your meeting to properly prepare them to buy, as well as what you must do in your sales presentation if you're going to have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting them to buy.
  • A 12-month marketing plan chock full of cyber security marketing campaigns and templates, prospecting tools, white papers, free reports, research and articles, drip campaigns and sales tools to fuel sales for managed services, backup and cyber security solutions. This is easily a $3,000 value but is FREE to attendees thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. Robin will baby step you through how to implement these campaigns AND what marketing automation tools other MSPs are using to organize, implement and track their campaigns and sales funnel.
  • A "Rapid Response" Toolkit for the next "WannaCry" type outbreak. You know it's not a matter of "if" but "when" for the next ransomware or virus outbreak to happen – are you prepared to communicate with your clients, prospects and community? If not, Robin will show you how to ethically use this as an opportunity to help others, attract more clients, generate free PR and (finally) get your most stubborn clients and prospects to buy the protection services they desperately need.

A Shocking And Provocative
"State Of Ransomware" Report

Rob Rae And Mike DePalma, Datto

A copywriter once asked, "What type of letter pays the most?" The answer: A ransom letter. During his presentation, Rob will deliver useful (and somewhat shocking!) research on the ransomware epidemic: What's going on right now that's forcasting the next attack, who's behind these mass attacks, the not-so-obvious reasons why they're doing it and what YOU as an MSP must know and implement to protect your clients. He'll also share:

  • How ransomware is evolving to stay one step ahead of the prevention/protection technologies that are out there. You'll learn why there is little that the authorities can do about preventing these attacks or helping you once you fall victim; you get hit and you're on your own. DEFINITELY information you want to know and bring back to your clients!
  • A dissection of the recent WannyCry attack and what the big players learned that will benefit you in preventing this from happening to YOUR clients in the future.
  • How to have a productive conversation with your most stubborn, non-techie clients about ransomware so they appreciate the importance of taking your advice and implementing protections TODAY.

How To Package, Price And Sell
Top-Shelf Cyber Security Solutions

Jay Ryerse, CARVIR

How can you sell a new managed security solution to your current "all-in" managed services clients who THINK you're "already doing this" for them? How do you approach larger clients with IT departments to sell profitable managed security services? What should a truly effective and complete managed security solution consist of? What should be included standard, and what should you charge extra for? What type of skills sets do your techs now need to deliver TRULY effective solutions to your clients, and where do you find these experts? What should you expect to pay for them? All of these questions and MORE will be answered by Jay during his presentation. He'll also cover:

  • A little-known way to package your existing IT managed services and raise the prices for the same service as a part of a premium managed security package
  • The single most critical thing to know about companies with 75-250 employees and how managed security is the easiest way to land, expand and colonize these types of accounts
  • The "magic pill" solution for setting up your managed security plans and what types of products to include to build a more secure, layered security plan for your prospects and clients
  • A powerful, step-by-step formula for introducing security and establishing yourself as the security EXPERT in your market
  • The secret to delivering the same quality of managed security solutions as the big boys, WITHOUT increasing your headcount or hiring techs with hard-to-find, expensive credentials.

How To Get PAID To Sell Your Cyber Security Solutions

Charles Henson, CEO of Nashville Computers and 2017 Technology Marketing Toolkit Spokesperson And Better Your Best Winner

What if there was a way to GET PAID to sell your IT services? A marketing strategy that would position you as the leading authority on cyber security and IT services in your market area, giving you a massive credibility boost over your competition, free media coverage, the ability to command premium fees, flood you with prospects seeking your advice AND allow you to close more sales with a LOT less "convincing?" Then THIS is a presentation you'll want to see.

Charles Henson, Nashville Computer, is the 2017 Spokesperson and Ambassador to the MSP industry. He's figured out how to get PAID to deliver speaking engagements on cyber security, as well as how to SELL the cyber security audit to prospects for thousands of dollars. This is a marketing strategy that PAYS him to sell to prospects and has helped him become famous in Nashville on the topic of IT security. During his presentation, he'll reveal all of his secrets (many which he learned from the Redhead) on how to get these engagements, how to deliver the presentation, how to sell the consults and how to leverage that into free PR and a strong credentialed bio that impresses prospects, builds trust and differentiates him from his competition.

5 Security "Gotchas" That Get MSPs
In Deep Trouble With Their Clients

Tyler Moffitt, Webroot
Eric Klonowski, Webroot

Your clients depend on you to keep them safe from cybercrime. When (not "if") they get compromised, they will turn to you for answers, questioning why you weren't able to prevent this from happening, maybe even blaming you for the breach. How confident are you TODAY that you are doing absolutely EVERYTHING within your power to prevent this scenario from playing out? From keeping your clients safe from the latest attacks, zero-day threats and commonly exposed exploits?

After the presentation, you'll be able to answer that more effectively. During his presentation, Dave will reveal the top 5 security protections MSPs routinely fail to deliver to their clients over and over again. You will leave with an MSP client security checklist in hand that you can go back to the office to implement to ensure you're doing everything you can to keep your clients' safe.

The Essential Tools For Selling Cyber Security
And Delivering Ongoing Internal Cyber Security Services

Mark Winter, RapidFire Tools

You know you need to market and sell cyber security solutions. There's money to be made and clients to protect. But how do you know what to sell and how to pitch your services until you know the security issues on the client's network? And once you've closed the deal, how do you prove to your clients that their network is safe and that you are doing what you promised? And how can you deliver revenue-generating services to validate that the IT Security Policies you have in place are being enforced? Mark will address these and other questions, and also cover:

  • How to easily and quickly run non-intrusive network security audits
  • Show how to automatically create branded reports from the network scans
  • Highlight key information and reports you can use to show the network is protected and demonstrates your value
  • How to deliver "branded" internal IT cyber security services with ongoing, daily scans and analysis to identify anomalous user behavior, new threats and exposures, and changes to the network that could indicate mischief or compromise the network

How To Use New CRM, Workflow And Online Automation Tools To Put Your Client Acquisition Efforts On Autopilot

Jeff Johnson and Allison Foelber, Technology Marketing Toolkit

Can it be TRUE? The days of easy "push-button" marketing have arrived? Nope. And anyone selling you that sleazy porn ought to be shot first, questioned later. HOWEVER, there are a number of tools and applications that CAN automate follow-up, that CAN move prospects through your sales funnel faster and more efficiently and that CAN help you organize and get a handle on your sales and marketing process so you can spot gaps and trends, avoid missed opportunities and dropped balls, and introduce massive efficiency so you can prospect MORE people with fewer people, time and resources – and THAT is what this session is going to be about. During this session we'll discuss how to select and properly use a quality CRM system (also what to look for and what to avoid if you're in the market), how to use dialers, autoresponders and workflow automation tools to multiply your prospecting efforts.