Cyber Security Roadshow Sponsors

Here's What Our Past Sponsors Have To Say About Our Event

Abby Woodington, Microsoft
Microsoft"A Wonderful Opportunity For Microsoft! Our sponsorship at the Robin Robins event generated the most qualified leads of the year! It's a true miracle to be able to meet all of the marketing decision makers of IT companies in the SMB space. Robin made it a priority to get attendees to engage with us. It was a wonderful opportunity for Microsoft!"
Abby Woodington, Microsoft
Judy Schramm, CEO, ProResource, Inc.
Broadview Networks"Sponsoring Robin Robin's event was a Channel Manager's dream: I was able to have really productive one-on-one discussions with the right people at the right time. More specifically, we had about 10 to 15 conversations with local MSPs that were looking to diversify their portfolio in terms of revenue stream (which is an ideal prospect for us). We made personal connections and have already started to onboard new partner agents.

I found it very refreshing that Technology Marketing Toolkit provided an educational forum that allotted time for breaks so the MSP attendees could come and get to know a little bit more about Broadview throughout the day. The conversations I had were often geared toward how the agent could apply what they learned in the session by partnering with us. So, if you can't tell, I LOVED the event and look forward to reporting back our results, something I know our Senior VP of Channel Sales will appreciate as well!

Lastly, Robin's team did an excellent job of telling me about the organization and, more importantly, Robin Robins' story. Completely inspiring and reminds me of why I do what I do on a daily basis. Hard work always pays off, and I was honored aside from sponsorship to be a part of such a GREAT story. Please feel free to share this e-mail as a testament to how Robin continues to impact, change and deliver results for us and the entire IT channel!
Christine Sanni, Channel Manager, Broadview Networks
Rob Rae, Datto

"Robin's Group Is Consistently Providing High Quality Content And Attendees That Attribute To A Very Strong ROI For Datto"

"Consistently Robin's programs have proven to be one of the most promising investments Datto has made on a sponsorship level. Year after year, we return with high quality leads which turn into some of our more successful partners. We have found that MPS who attend Robin's events show positive growth in comparison to the average MSP. We have found that Datto partners who invested in sales and marketing training consistently have a higher success rate."
Rob Rae, Datto
Mark Winter, RapidFire Tools

"We've Never Had A Bad Show With Robin And Our ROI Is Always Astounding"

"Robin Robins' events are our favorite events time and time again. The quality of the leads here is terrific and the people that Robin puts us in front of are precisely the kind of people we want to partner with. The attendees at Robin's events are extremely serious about growing their business and invest copious amounts of time and energy to be here. Technology Marketing Toolkit events are designed to let the attendees meet and speak with the sponsors, and many spend quite a bit of time talking with us and about us. This group is a great referral source. We've never had a bad show with Robin and our ROI is always astounding. Since starting with Robin, we've grown to almost triple our original size."
Mark Winters, RapidFire Tools
Frank Gurnee, Vice President of Business Development, Vertical Axion
Verical Axion"Robin's Roadshow provides a unique way to interact with potential clients who are not only willing to learn, but are ready to engage!"
Frank Gurnee, Vice President of Business Development, Vertical Axion