Speakers And Agenda

Day 1:
Registration And Breakfast: 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Main Session: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Cocktail Reception And Networking: 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Lunch will be provided ONLY ON DAY 1. A light continental breakfast will also be provided BOTH days, along with copious amounts of caffeine during the breaks. We are NOT running a catering service, so if you have special needs, please pack a lunch, or bring a chef or a cooler.
Day 2:
Breakfast And Networking: 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Main Session: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

Brand-NEW: Secrets To Successfully Marketing
And Selling Cyber Security Solutions
To New And Existing Clients
What 99% Of All IT Firms Don’t Know And May Never Discover About What It Takes To Successfully Sell IT Services And Cyber Security Solutions In Today’s Marketplace

Robin Robins, Founder and CEO, Technology Marketing Toolkit

At this year’s 2018 Boot Camp, Shark Tank star, best-selling author and CEO of the Herjavec Group, a $200+ million MSSP, Robert Herjavec said, “The managed security industry is growing at 20% year over year; if you’re not growing at that same rate, you’re not standing still, YOU’RE FALLING BEHIND.

He went on to say that selling cyber security is the PERFECT STORM, due to high demand and need, coupled with no one company owning the market. Based on how we’re seeing several members succeeding and growing by selling cyber security solutions, he’s absolutely right. But if you’re NOT seeing such ease of success in sales and new client acquisition, it’s most likely because you are not using a correct approach to marketing, positioning, explaining and building value for your services and building the need – which is what Robin is going to give you during this brand-new presentation. You’ll discover:

  • Secrets To TRUST-BASED Marketing And Selling. Most IT firms grossly overlook, ignore and fail to accomplish the single most important element to getting a prospect to buy the solutions they are proposing: TRUST. In other industries where TANGIBLE GOODS are sold via transaction interactions with the customer, trust is not critical to making the sale. However, when you are trying to unseat an incumbent IT provider and get a client to buy something that has no ROI, that cannot be seen, measured or tested for quality, building trust is of CRITICAL importance. During Robin’s presentation, you’ll get a blueprint of the strategy and approach, marketing tools, media selection and sales process that you MUST get right to build trust and get a prospect to take your advice (buy).
  • Marketing Tools Essential To Differentiate, Erase Price Sensitivity And Get The Appointment. When you know how to orchestrate your marketing assets, media, message and delivery to show up like no one else, you’ll find there is no door you cannot get in, no appointment you cannot get. It’s the antidote to the difficulty of attracting more and better-quality clients. It’s the balm to achieving a much less stressful and frustrating sales process. It’s the solution to getting more respectful, compliant, cooperative clients and less fee resistance. Is it easy? Certainly not. But it’s possible IF YOU KNOW how to create such assets, which is what Robin will show you during her presentation. What you’ll receive is easily a $3,000 value but is FREE to attendees, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.
  • What MSPs Are Doing Now To Manage, Organize, Track And Implement Their Marketing Plan. A great marketing plan is WORTHLESS if you can’t consistently implement. That’s why part of this workshop will be about the tools and BEST PRACTICES for how our most successful members are organizing and building their prospect lists, how they are organizing and tracking marketing campaigns, how they are ensuring they never “get too busy” and forget to follow up or stay in touch with clients and hot prospects. This will be a game changer for you if you are still trying to use your PSA tool or an e-mail broadcasting tool (like Constant Contact or MailChimp) to organize and implement marketing campaigns.

How Any MSP Can Profit From The Ever Increasing Ransomware Epidemic

Rob Rae, Vice President of Business Development, Datto

Data protection and data security should be the corner stone of any managed service offering. One of the key positioning features of data protection is the elimination of downtime. The ransomware epidemic continues to be the number one cause of down time in today's small to medium businesses and the number one threat to putting end users out of business overnight. Rob will deliver useful (and new!) research on the ransomware epidemic and how you, the MSP, can take advantage of this opportunity. He will also share:

  • Positioning stories to help your end user to understand simply and quickly why they are the key target for this malware.
  • How to demonstrate it is not about the amount of ransom versus the cost of downtime to an end-user in less than 60 seconds.
  • Real tools you can walk away with to help you better position your data security and your overall managed security services.

How To Respond When You Or A Client Gets Breached

Jay Ryerse, CTO of Security Products, Continuum

It’s going to happen someday, if it hasn’t happened already: you and/or one or more of your clients WILL GET BREACHED. How you react and what you immediately do is of critical importance. If you do not respond appropriately, damages can spread and escalate. Mishandle any aspect of this and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a LEGAL disaster, with costs piling up and your reputation destroyed as the media, your competition and your current clients get wind of the news. YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN IN PLACE. Not having any plan will make it extremely likely that your techs will make critical mistakes that will be used against you by the insurance company’s attorneys who want to get out of paying for the damages, AND will make it much less likely that you can recover lost data. Not following a plan also increases the chance the same network will be attacked again!

During this presentation, Jay will walk you through a step-by-step plan of what you need to immediately do, what NOT TO DO and smart strategies that will contain the damage. Attendees will receive a FREE Incident Response Handbook And Checklist designed specifically for MSPs who are selling and delivering cyber security solutions.

How To Grow Your MSP From $2 To $6 Million In Just 3 Years, Profitably And Without Coming Apart At The Seams, Using Only 5 Campaigns

Chris Hoose, President, Choose Networks

Chris will openly admit that for the majority of his tenure as President of Choose Networks, he would have rather done tech work all day long over anything related to sales and marketing. During this eye-opening session, Chris will reveal the exact steps he took to finally break through his mental hang-ups with marketing and, as a result, add over $1 million to his business each of the last three years by narrowing his focus and “going deep” with only five “simple” marketing campaigns.

Understanding YOUR Liability: Cyberprotection You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Justin Reinmuth, Founder and CEO, techrug: The Technology Risk Underwriting Group

As you continue to build and grow the cyber security division within your MSP business, it is the job of hackers to always be at least one step ahead of your cyberprotection. For that reason, every MSP/MSSP must make sure they have the proper Cyber Liability Errors & Omissions Insurance to protect their firm and their clients from these threats. During this session, Justin will provide you with a detailed checklist of the necessary insuring agreements every MSP/MSSP MUST have in place, exclusions to be mindful of and what your clients must do on their end to stay protected. He’ll also show you how you can save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars per month on your cyber security protection through Technology Marketing Toolkit’s exclusive group policy that’s already a part of your membership.

How I Used Dark Web Scans To Close 14 Clients And Generate $169,200 In NEW Revenue

Dan Tomaszewski, 2018 Better Your Best Finalist

During this presentation, 2018 Better Your Best finalist Dan Tomaszewski, will discuss several extremely effective cyber security marketing campaigns, including one he used to generate 140 QUALIFIED prospects for his MSP and $169,200 in projects and recurring revenue.

This campaign used a “security assessment” and ID Agent’s Dark Web Scan to gain entry and secure appointments with C-level decision makers at mid-size to larger organizations. He will give you the exact campaign blueprint he used, along with examples of all the communications (marketing materials, webpages, e-mails, etc.) along with the complete implementation details. Dan will share the strategy and tools he used to organize his list, manage opportunities, appointments and leads, and show you how he conducted the sales meetings. He will also talk about how he packaged and priced his offering to maximize sales and profitability. If you want to use cyber security as the lead into new accounts, this is one presentation you don’t want to miss!

Compliance Simplified For MSPs

Nick Espinosa, Chief Security Fanatic

Most MSPs know they have to help their clients become compliant with various regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc., but most don’t REALLY know what’s required of them, how to read and interpret the laws, and ultimately how to help their clients become and stay compliant. Therefore, most MSPs are throwing a random smattering of solutions together, “hoping” that will be sufficient, but not really knowing for sure. During his presentation, Nick will strip down this confusing and complex topic into a simple framework that any MSP (you!) can understand and begin using with your clients. You’ll discover:

  • The 3 core fundamentals that ALL compliance standards adhere to; understand these and you’ll instantly have a better handle on what you need to do and deliver to help your clients get and stay compliant.
  • How to make sense of all the government “red tape,” legalese and law, and get down to the critical frameworks that satisfy 95% of any compliance standard you see.
  • How to know when you should bring in an outside expert, and what you should be able to handle and deliver in-house.
  • What every MSP servicing “covered entities” or medical firms MUST know to avoid getting nailed for a violation; this is CRITICAL information if you are supporting ANY medical entities, or companies that store and handle sensitive patient data.
  • How to build your managed services offerings to begin satisfying compliance standards as outlined by organizations such as NIST and CSA.

How To Sell And Deliver Compliance As A Service

Mark Winter, Vice President, Sales, RapidFire Tools &
Mike Semel, President, Semel Consulting

Want to expand from doing IT assessments to get managed services revenue to creating profitable security and compliance services? You’ll be the hero by providing an extra layer of security for your clients. You’ll also help them maintain compliance with the ever-expanding data protection and privacy regulations. You will be their trusted security authority.

New affordable technologies and tools are available for you to differentiate yourself and expand your cyber security services offerings. You can easily add insider threat detection, security alerting and remediation to your current assessments and services, without hiring an expensive outside vendor.

You’re smart. You already install firewalls, A/V and anti-malware tools to protect your clients from outside threats. But it’s a completely different matter to protect your clients from themselves, and from intruders who manage to get past the firewalls and external defenses. Seventy percent of data breaches are the result of internal vulnerabilities that were never detected or addressed until it was too late.

During this fast-paced and informative session, cyber security and compliance expert Mike Semel and RapidFire Tools VP Mark Winter will show you the huge business opportunities you may be missing, and how easy and affordable it is for you to get in the game.

3 Revenue-Rocketing E-mail Security Solutions
Every MSP Should Be Offering Their Clients
But Often Overlook

Mark Ballegeer, Sales Solutions Engineer, Barracuda MSP

Everyone knows that the #1 way hackers get into your clients’ networks is through e-mail; but traditional antivirus and spam filters only block an estimated 45% of the threats emerging today. That’s why smart MSPs are now implementing more sophisticated, multi-layer security protections for their clients. Not only does this keep their clients safe, but it also offers an EASY way to generate additional recurring profit streams to their business.

During this presentation, Barracuda MSP’s Mark Ballegeer will reveal 3 of the latest, cutting-edge e-mail security technologies available for MSPs to offer their clients. You’ll discover:

  • Why you need an artificial intelligence–based e-mail security solution for your managed clients. The power and sophistication of this technology – and the threats it’s able to stop – will truly blow you away.
  • How to sell and deliver PHISHING simulations and interactive security training for profit. Not only will this service provide concrete evidence that they (your clients or prospects) COULD be phished (overcoming the “My employees know not to click on stuff” objection), but it will raise your clients’ employees’ awareness, lowering the chances they will click on a suspicious e-mail.
  • How our reseller partners are packaging, pricing and selling security solutions to their clients and generating a solid 15%-20% revenue growth through these services alone!

Cyber Security And Compliance –
What They Don't Want You To Know!

Marc Haskelson, President and CEO, Compliancy Group

Find out about HIPAA compliance and how to bundle it into your services. Learn how it can help MSPs obtain more clients, create recurring revenue, and increase profits without creating more work for you. Live case study included.